Thursday 18 December 2008

wow an award......

wow i've been given an award by the lovely Sue. thanks Sue, i have to tell you 5 things i'm addicted to ( only 5 there are so many ). then i have to pass it on to 5 fellow bloggers so here goes

  1. chocolate

  2. my lap top(i dont know what i did without it)

  3. card making and being in my craft room.

  4. blog hopping, i pop online for 5 mins and before i know it o/h and kids are home from work.

  5. my family and friends.

now the 5 i have to pass it on to;

  1. sarah

  2. carol

  3. vikki

  4. ruth

  5. vicky

Have fun girls and thanks again to Sue


Mrs J said...

Thanks Shell, that's so sweet of you! Best get my thinking cap on tho I think my 5 things are going to be the same as yours, lol! Thanks also for your lovely comment and info about the nestibilities and I'm glad that your O/H loved his card. That's the last card that I've got to make and I'm stumped now as I used Lola last year!
All the best to you and your family for Christmas
Hugs Sarah x

Vikki said...

Thanks so much Shell - I'm full of a cold at the moment(or flu as my OH reckons but he is a man!!)so receiving this award has cheered me up no end :)

Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas and New Year.

Love Vikki xxx

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