Tuesday, 22 July 2008

i'm back on online

i cant belive how long it's been since i last posted anything on here, the computer decided to pack up on me so had to sort a new one out. i have lots to catch up on including putting an award i got and a pay it forward blog candy to sort out, hopefully it will be done by tomorrow.

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Dawny P said...

Hi Shell. Thanks for stopping by hunny xx Yes it isn't too far from Creative Pastimes. It's at St Thomas' Church in Ellesmere Port. The firts one will be on the first Monday in October and the first Mondya if the month thereafter. There is going to be an addy in Creative Pastimes soon so you can have a look there. It will also have my phone number on it so any probs or if you want directions etc, you can just call me. Or you can e-mil me - addy is on my blog. Hope you are well and havign a nice weekend xxxx

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